USA waterproofing Sump Pumps and Power Guard Battery Backup Systems:

When property elevations do not allow for a natural gravity flow from your drainage system, a heavy duty reliable sump pump is needed to mechanically remove any water collected from around your foundation. Sump pumps also help to control the rising water table underground below your basement floor. A battery backup sump pump will be needed in areas that get frequent power interruptions or outages.

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

Features & Benefits:

  • Float operated, submersible (NEMA 6) 2 pole mechanical switch
  • No sheet metal parts to rust or corrode
  • Stainless steel screws, switch arm, guard and handle
  • Non clogging vortex impeller design
  • Watertight neoprene square ring between motor and pump housing
  • Solid buoyant polypropylene float
  • Automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • Entire unit pressure tested after assembly
  • Carbon and ceramic shaft seal
  • Maximum temperature for effluent or dewatering 130°
  • Passes 1/2″ spherical solids
  • 1 1/2″ NPT discharge
  • Watertight and dust tight
  • Permanently oiled bearings

Special Model Features:

  • Cast Iron switch case, motor and pump housing
  • Engineered thermoplastic base
  • Engineered, glass filled, plastic impeller with metal insert
  • Stainless steel guard and handle
  • Lower and upper bearings, oil fed cast iron
  • 53-0001 wight: 23 lbs

USA Waterproofing Power Inverter sump pump backup:

Sump pump battery backupOur emergency backup power unit is designed to power your primary sump pump during an electrical power outage. Our USA Power Guard sump pump backup unit connects to a 75 amp SLA deep cycle maintenance free battery. It will monitor your electricity and detect automatically when your electrical power goes out. Our USA Power Guard backup unit will then provide AC power to your sump pump and will maintain normal operation of your pump until your electrical power is restored. As soon as your power is back on, the Power Guard unit will start recharging the battery.
Your sump pump plugs into the Power Guard unit and the Power Guard unit plugs into your wall outlet, its that simple!